Affiliate Program Registration

What It’s All About

Our affiliate program is very simple. You get a full 50% commission on every sale you make based on your referral to your email list, putting a banner ad on your site or posting one of our articles or videos.

It’s pretty simple, but we want to know you will take it seriously. We also take your partnership seriously and plan to help you any way we can with the marketing.

How Do I Get Paid

As mentioned, we pay 50% commission on every sale you make with no minimum. We pay out on the first of the month via PayPal, direct to your own PayPal account, which you can then immediately withdraw to your bank.

How It Works

Once one of your referrals purchases the product it is tracked through your unique sales link using our e-commerce tracking system. This ensures that you always get credit for your sale no matter when they purchase.

If you have questions about our affiliate program, take a look at our Affiliate Program FAQs page. If that doesn’t help, please feel free to contact us (link in the navigation bar above) for more information.

Please fill out the form below to join our affiliate program: