It’s all about the emotions…isn’t it?

The first post of a new blog! Wow. What to write…
I guess what would be appropriate is to give you my general philosophy and reasons for even doing this blog. First off, I want to let you know that that this blog will be a mixture of written and video content. It seems that these days, everyone wants video and I aim to please!

So I’ll begin here with a bold statement that I often make when working with my clients in my office:  “Everything us humans do is motivated either TOWARD some fun emotions or AWAY from difficult emotions.”

Right off the bat, clients ask me why I chose the words “Fun” and “Difficult” rather than “Positive” and “Negative” emotions like you hear everywhere else.  Well, that’s because those labels and the meaning behind them are part of the problem!  Let me explain…

I don’t need to tell people how to deal with their fun emotions. Everyone does just fine with those, thank you very much.  I DO need to help my clients with the difficult emotions and the change starts with understanding that ALL EMOTIONS are GOOD!

If we start calling some emotions “negative” then we are going to want to run, hide, avoid or otherwise do everything we can to suppress those difficult emotions.

That strategy or coping mechanisms are the problem.

All emotions are good because they occur for a good reason:  to help guide us in our life’s journey according to our values.  Emotions are communication from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind to let us know how we are doing with respect to our beliefs, values, and programs.

When you avoid your difficult emotions, you are disregarding one of the most powerful forces you have for your own happiness!

Emotions are like your guidance system for achieving anything. Remember always that your unconscious mind is a servo mechanism as Maxwell Maltz taught us in Psychocybernetics.  That means that it is a machine that is designed to be programmed to move you toward goals.

If you don’t program it to achieve something, it will operate in default mode and just work on old programs…many of which don’t work for you today.

I will be fleshing these concepts out more fully in posts to come but I want to finish this up by also mentioning that I will be using the term “unconscious” rather than “subconscious” mind.  I prefer unconscious because the prefix “sub” tends to taken as lesser or lower than and that is certainly not the case with our unconscious mind. It is actually the greater power of our two minds.

Which leads us to the final concept that we will be building on here is that ultimate goal in overcoming fear: we want to gain rapport or connection between our conscious and unconscious minds in order to make change.

All permanent change takes place at the unconscious level and it happens in altered states.

Ok, this is the start of the framework we will be coming back to in future posts. I think this is enough for now to let you process and see what comes up. I’d love to see your comments below.

Bring it,