Have a Golf Goal!

Have a Golf Goal! photoI  want to write a little bit more about goals and goal setting. Yes, I know you’ve heard this all before in your business meetings and self-help books and psychology classes etc., etc. And yes, I used to roll my eyes when another speaker or “performance genius” would blather on and on about how we must set goals.

Well, you know that I have taken this seriously enough to include a template with your CD’s to kickstart you into doing something along these lines.

Why? Because, I just can’t ignore the facts about how this works on our mind and our game can be helped by being reminded of it.

golf swing tipWhat facts you say? Have you ever known somebody who retired and then watched them waste away because they had nothing left to do? Nothing left to strive for? No more challenges? Now, most of us have golf as our challenge and we take great pleasure in trying to achieve our dream score. But there are some sad examples in the golf world too.

Ever hear of David Duval? He was on top of the golf world at one time. Player of the year. Better than Tiger Woods. British Open winner. Shot a 59! I recently saw an interview with him and he said that during the peak of his game, his goal was to “be the best I can be.” That is the weakest goal I’ve ever heard.

Tiger Woods InterviewIn contrast, Tiger has goals to win the most tournaments of any player of all time and to beat Jack Nicklaus record for most Majors won. Specific and measurable. Duvall is pretty much done and Woods, you know all about him. Ian Woosnam was another one who fell hard after reaching a peak (winning the Masters). There are countless others in the same boat.

You must have a golf goal in front of you! But you don’t want to be thinking about it on the course.

golf course photoI had this concept hammered on me recently as well. I had always wanted to “Break 80” as my goal. I did that. After that, I wanted to break par. I did that this year as well. Right after that, my game began to slide because my fire was out. I then went out and turned in my last 20 scores and established a handicap for the first time in my life, a 5.2.

Recently, I’ve been looking at that little card with that number on it and NOW I WANT IT TO BE A 3! Whala, instant fire in my gut for this game. That fire has pushed me to do my nightly mental practice like I did to achieve my past goals. It’s given me a REASON to stick to my pre-shot routine like a dance number. And even better, all of a sudden, I REALLY want to play again!

craig seglDon’t underestimate the power of this but I do want to remind you not to think about your score when you are on the course. If thinking about your goal on the course fires you up to play “cool mad” like Sam Snead, then by all means, think about it. But don’t start telling yourself that you have to make this shot to shoot your scoring goal. Your major goal should mostly just be used off the course.

Youron-course goals should be to stick with your routine, to have 18 holes where you focused 100% at the right time, etc.

Allright! Now let’s get out and do it! C ya’ next time.

Greens and fairways!