Powerful golf putting lessons by Paul Hobart, PGA

The time has come to send our golf ball on our chosen path towards the hole. As you reach this point, you have done a great job of

Author Paul Hobart

completing your key tasks. You’ve gathered all the information you need. You have a very clear picture in mind of how you are going to make this putt. You have a good feel for the speed and the corresponding line. You can clearly see what part of the cup is going to accept the ball. You know that you’ve done your best aligning the ball, and your putter.

You have officially earned the right to make this putt!

My next point is a challenging one. I’m going to tell you what to think and feel as you stand over your putt. How can I do that? I really can’t, but I am going to try to guide you towards the proper mindset and emotional state.

As I stated above, you have earned the right to make this putt. You deserve it. You have followed all of the steps, and done your homework. All of this preparation is designed to put you in the ideal mental and emotional state.

There are just 2 more things that I will ask you to do:

1). Have 100% trust in the alignment of the ball and putter

2). Make absolutely sure that your final thought is about creating the speed that you have chosen for this particular putt

The Putting Banana

Let’s look at these two final concepts in a little more detail. Having complete trust in the alignment of the ball and putter is one of the key components of the Banana Putting System. One of the main reasons that golfers miss putts is a lack of trust in their alignment. By carefully going through all of the steps in this book, you have gathered all of the information you need. You have a picture in mind of your ideal putt. You now need to place 100% trust in the work you have done.

Putts are pulled and pushed and hit with too much and too little speed because the golfer doesn’t believe that he or she is properly aligned. My good friend Dr. Craig Farnsworth once told me:

You are much better off to be completely committed to the wrong line,
than to be uncommitted to the right line.

I believe that golfers need to have achievable objectives when they play. An achievable objective is something that you can control and something you can measure or track. A key objective in putting is total and complete commitment to the line and speed you have chosen.

Total and complete commitment
Total and complete commitment
Total and complete commitment

Sorry for the repetition, but this is really important if you are going to make your golf ball go in the hole. Please remember, you’ve worked very hard to arrive at this point completely prepared. All of the work, all of the steps are carefully scripted so that you can stand over your ball with this level of commitment.
Standing in the way of this state of total and complete commitment are your thoughts and feelings as you stand over the ball. Nearly all of our work has been done from the “level eye” position that we talked about earlier. Things make sense and “look right” when we look and see with our head in an upright and level position.

Your address of the ball is getting ready to change all that. As you position yourself over the ball, you are going to tilt your body and head towards the ball. As you turn your head to look down the start line, you rotate your face and eyes toward the target. Your eyes are no longer level.

Suddenly the world looks different!

What happened to that nice vision you had of a perfect putt?

Have you completely lost your feel for the putt?

Where’s your line?

This doesn’t look right?!

Do you need to make an adjustment to fit your new perspective?

This is what goes through the mind of nearly every golfer. This is what we’re going to remove from your game. This is why you miss more than you make.

How a golfers sees the ball from sideways

Are you turning the page or your computer to see this photo more clearly? I would do the same thing. Everything is suddenly turned 90 degrees from my “level eyes” position and its very confusing. Can you imagine driving your car with your head turned 90 degrees to the side. No way! You wouldn’t make it out of the driveway before you crashed into something.

This is why you get very confused and unsure standing over the ball. You have suddenly put yourself in a position where it’s very hard to believe that you are properly aligned.

That’s why you did all the steps, and very carefully chose your start line. That’s why you very carefully lined up your golf ball. That’s why you have aligned your putter exactly with your golf ball alignment. I have asked you to do all of these things for an important reason.

I’m going to ask you to completely ignore all of these crazy thoughts and feelings you have as you stand over the ball. That’s right…completely ignore them.

Let me ask you a quick question. Do you have anyone in your personal or business life that you ask for advice? Most people have a trusted friend or advisor that they will ask for advice or input.

What would you do if this person consistently gave you the wrong answer? You would probably stop listening after a while, wouldn’t you? I think so.

In this case, the person giving you bad advice is YOU.

Your thoughts and feelings are the source of this uncertainty as you stand over the ball. These thoughts and feelings often conflict with the earlier work that you have done, and because of that, leave you confused. You suddenly change your view of the putt, and adjust your stance, your putter alignment, or you manipulate the putter during the stroke.

You do all of this because this final perspective standing over the ball is different.


This is an excerpt from the book:  “Banana Putting” by PGA instructor Paul Hobart.

Paul States at the beginning of Banana Putting:

I have a few bold statements to make before we get started.

  • You are already a great putter. You simply haven’t put yourself in a position to succeed. I will show you how to control the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of putting so that your excellence will shine through.
  • You can putt as well as Tiger Woods. Unbelievable? It sure sounds unbelievable, but I have a good reason for stating this.

  • Master these concepts and you can forget about the “Y” word.

Yes, the yips can become a thing of the past. I’ll explain them, why you get them, and how to be so ready to hit your putt that the word never even comes up.

  • Trying to figure out the perfect line of your putt is a waste of your time. You are going to learn to look at your putts differently than you have in the past.
  • You do not need to work on the mechanics of your stroke for these concepts to work. A perfect putting stroke is no guarantee of success on the greens. Sure, it helps, but I can turn you into a golfer that makes putts regardless of your putting stroke. You may find that just by reading this book and using these concepts that your stroke improves.

  • I can show you how to putt well with a range ball and a putter you borrowed from the local Putt-Putt course. You do not need the latest and greatest equipment to be a great putter. It doesn’t hurt…but there are no guarantees when you walk out of that Pro Shop with your new purchase. My concepts will work with any equipment.
  • You can putt better tomorrow. I have no idea how long it will take you to read through this book…in fact I just began writing, so I don’t even know how long it’s going to be! Let me say this…when you finish reading this book, and have digested the concepts, you will have become a better putter. Sounds crazy? Give it a chance.
  • The principle in this book require no practice. Doesn’t that sound to good to be true? My experience in working with lots of golfers is that these concepts will immediately change the way you look at, think about, and feel about putting. I do not mean to downplay the role of practice. Great players practice, and I believe that practice helps. For the purpose of this statement though…practice is not necessary for you to improve using my concepts.

Practice will enhance the concepts in this book, and I will suggest some drills and techniques if you want to take your putting to another level.

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